Not so friendly acquaintance.

Very different from schoolyard scuffles, cyber bullying has the same negative impact on people’s lives, if not more. Cyber bullying can be defined as a form of electronic harassment that happens over an electronic platform, like social media or gaming platforms and instant messaging....

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Read it somewhere?

The internet today is dominated by various social media platforms, which allows people to collaborate, share and comment on content generated by others. This gives everyone the powerful opportunity to be an author, artist or critic. One of the biggest social sites on the...

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Duis in eleifend

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam sollicitudin interdum eros at pellentesque. Donec dictum rhoncus sapien aliquet tempor. Cras cursus nisi sed dui scelerisque posuere. Maecenas tempus tempor leo sed mollis. Praesent blandit odio eget nunc faucibus fringilla. Phasellus cursus, lacus vitae...

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