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The internet today is dominated by various social media platforms, which allows people to collaborate, share and comment on content generated by others. This gives everyone the powerful opportunity to be an author, artist or critic.

One of the biggest social sites on the internet is Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit considers itself as the front page of the internet, with a predominant US following it has in recent years grown with interest from users from other continents as well.

In layman’s terms Reddit is a web forum consisting of millions of smaller forums each covering a specific topic. It is comparable to a beehive which has many cells where each cell is accessible to every bee. Each of these sub forums is called a subreddit.

In 2008 Reddit consisted out of 11000 subreddits and today it is sitting at an astounding 1.2 million subreddits, with 330 million monthly active registered users of which 40% comes form USA.

Visitors view about 1 billion videos through Reddit each month.

The top 10 subreddits based on the total subscribers are:

  • /r/announcements
  • /r/funny
  • /r/AskRedit
  • /r/gaming
  • /r/Pics
  • /r/science
  • /r/aww
  • /r/worldnews
  • /r/Movies
  • /r/Music

Reddit’s popularity base is centralized in the 18-28 year old range. Since content is generate by users for users most of the authors would by extension also be within this range. Although many helpful subreddits exist ranging from DIY and gardening to music and self help, always remember who your audience might be and take advice with a healthy pinch of salt.

What does all this mean to me as a parent?

  • As a parent you should be aware that Reddit allows anonymous access to content to any person who access the site. Once the user attempts to leave a comment or create a new post in any subreddit, a user account is required. To create such a user account a valid email address and unique user-name is required.
  • Reddit allows the user, once registered, to subscribe to specific subreddits basically customizing their front page with a feed of things they prefer to read. Although, the user is not blocked from browsing any of the 1.2 million other subreddits that might not be part of the customized front page. A registered user can engage in the social aspect of Reddit as well, such as voting and commenting. [explain up/downvote]
  • Content on Reddit is moderated by users, although Bots are being brought in to to govern some aspects, it is mostly a case where if no-one complains about a post, the post will not be automatically be flagged as being inappropriate.
  • Like open internet Reddit also has its Adult elements. These will all be flagged with a NSFW flag (Not Safe For Work). This flag will typically be attributed to any content which has been restricted to viewers younger than 18 years old.
  • Reddit has been designed in such a way that it seamlessly delivers content in a never ending stream of webpage. The user can scroll continuously and be fed with non stop content, indefinitely.
  • When allowing children to use Reddit a close eye needs to be kept on:
    • The content viewed.
    • Subreddits visited
    • Time spent online.