Slide 1 - ITTree IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS Learn More Best practice meets innovation to take your
business forward with great solutions.
Slide 2 - Faronics ENABLE SELF-HEALING
Learn More A comprehensive set of tools for deployment,
management and monitoring usage
of IT assets in your environment.
Learn More Monitor complete usage of your computer labs
in real-time and optimize lab resource planning
for future growth.
Slide 4 - Qustudio BEST PARENTAL CONTROL APPS Learn More Designed to supervise, manage and protect
your child’s device use on the go!
Learn More Be tuned in to your database environment
every step of the way.
Slide 5 - AT&T Cybersecurity PHENOMENAL SECURITY Learn More Cybersecurity Detect, analyse and respond to today’s threats by
upgrading your security in minutes.
Slide 7 - Netop Keep students on task in the
classroom with Vision.
Learn More NETOP Vision classroom management software
makes it easy to monitor and modify student
activity on computers.
7 tips to be a role model of healthy technology use to your kids Most parents fear they are setting a bad example in front of their children when it comes to technology use, and they are right. Sadly, it is often our children who are the first to let us know we’re spending too...
Tips on how to protect your tweens and teens and talk to them about the legal and emotional risks of sharing sexual content online What is sexting? Sexting is a combination of sex and texting. Sexting stands for the act of sending sexual or erotic text messages or emails and it often also involves sending...
Qustodio is the only digital safety suite that protects all your devices and is already trusted by over 1,000,000 parents, schools and businesses worldwide to drive safer and more productive use of devices and internet. Our unique reporting delivers 360 degree visibility on all that’s happening 24/7 so you can understand how devices are used,...
On Friday, April 3 2020 Qustodio hosted a live Q&A to help parents looking to manage screen time, digital wellbeing and general parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Questions were answered by Digital Wellbeing Expert Georgie Powell, Child Psychologist Dr. Nicole Beurkens, and Lauren Seager-Smith, CEO of bullying prevention charity, Kidscape.
So you want to get your little one a device with internet access, and cannot decide whether this will be wise? Although the thought schools surrounding this matter are polarized, there is always some good withing healthy boundaries. Lets shed some light on the benefits of smart technology to kids. Technology enhances learning.You would be...
Many parents are concerned about how much time their children spend on the internet. Using the internet for various purposes such as studying, social media as well as entertainment, which includes online gaming. But does the use of the internet truly equate to the total screen time your child is exposed to? What is screen...

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