Keep students on-task and safe in the digital classroom with Vision, an easy-to-use classroom monitoring solution proven to improve student performance and learning outcomes.

Focus attention

Eliminate distractions and focus on learning with tools that supervise student computer use, guide web browsing, and keep students on-task. Guide activity with one click – blocking websites and redirecting attention.

Improve performance

In an independent study, Vision was proven to improve student performance by as much as a full grade step. Students grasp concepts more quickly, less re-teaching is required, and failure rates decrease.

Increase efficiencies

Save time by automating processes. With one click you can start all student computers, launch applications, and keep the whole class learning together.

Customize instruction

Provide discreet assistance with tools like chat and remote control that provide customized instruction based on student needs.

Vison Pro Easy-to-use Features

Monitor and modify behaviour. See all student activity in real-time and guide activity with one click.


Give every student a front-row seat, presenting lessons directly on student computers

Showcase Student Screens

Build confidence when students share their work on every computer in class.


Annotate lessons in any application with more
than 20 shapes and highlighters

Start Application

Save time by launching the application on every
student computer simultaneously.

Kiosk Applications

Limit students’ computer use to programs you
open for them. Students can’t exit, which is ideal
during tests

Supervise the class

See everything your students see on their
computers. At a glance, see who is on-task and
who needs assistance.

Class Wide Remote Login

In single sign-in environments, log in all
computers with one click, from your desk.

Blank Screens

Focus student attention during class or while giving
directions by blanking computer screens.

Lock Web

Turn web browsing on or off for one student or
the whole class from the teacher’s computer.

Filter Web

Easily create lists of teacher-approved websites or
blocked sites right from your browser.

Live View

See any student screen in real time via a high quality, larger window.

Remote Control

Take command of any classroom computer and
remotely assist students for personalized instruction

Shut down and wake-up

Shut down, start, or restart any or all classroom
computers from the teacher’s station

Flip the classroom

Create web-based assessments for use in class or
after school with Vision Learning Center – perfect
for blended learning and flipped classrooms


This easy-to-use five-button control pad allows
educators to access Vision’s core features with
the push of a button.

Vision at Hand

Monitor your classroom from any web-enabled
smart device with Vision at Hand.