The easiest way to monitor online activity on your PCs and smart devices

Download Qustodio on every device, including smartphones, tablets, and/or desktops. Use a master account to supervise them.

Use the Qustodio control app or use the Qustodio web-based Portal dashboard to monitor activities in real-time.

Download the Qustodio app on your iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, and Windows devices. Setup is quick and supervision is automatic.

Superior features that make Qustodio great for web and application monitoring.

Qustodio Parent and Child Devices

Qustodio Family Edition

The easiest way to supervise your kids online. With Qustodio, being a digital parent has never been easier

Qustodio Schools Edition

Technology in the classroom doesn't have to be dangerous or complicated

Qustodio Business Edition

Increase productivity for less than the price of a standalone web-filter.