Increase productivity for less than the price of a standalone web-filter.

Qustodio shows how your staff uses devices and Internet resources.

Our intelligent reporting and granular data help you optimize device and internet use, eliminate time-wasting, and enforce your acceptable use policy (AUP).

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Device management made simple

It’s more than MDM. Seamlessly manage desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices from one dashboard. Our cloud-based technology includes real-time reporting and remote management. It’s also simple to use.

Four ways we make it easy for you

Qustodio Corp Visibility
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One solution, all popular platforms

Qustodio Corp Platforms

Qustodio covers desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and supports Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. All the different devices and platforms are managed from our online dashboard.

Real time information

Qustodio Corp Real time Info

Smart tools allow you to see usage in real-time. Get real-time alerts, and track and check the location on demand.

Enhanced enterprise mobility management

Companies need more than just deployment. Qustodio delivers device usage visibility so you can optimize your investments in staff and technology. Reduce data costs and other OPEX effortlessly with Qustodio.

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